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About Us

Island Voice, Inc. is a non-profit organization based on Staten Island with a mission to act as a resource to actively engage in community development by offering solutions to promote economic development and empowerment opportunities, strategies to engage the youth and to cultivate a positive environment of unity amongst the African, African American and Caribbean Communities of Staten Island.
Island Voice will incorporate a series of special events to encourage and support financial literacy, community development, job training and education – especially to benefit the youth. The organization plans to engage and partner with political, religious, community civic and business leaders to help create a platform to advance economic empowerment and create and sustain a vibrant arts and education platform to benefit a largely underserved constituent.
Island Voice, Inc. initiatives are immediately focused on economic empowerment, youth advocacy and training and promotion and celebration of cultural history.

Our goal is to:

  • To advocate against social injustice
  • To promote educational programs and activities aimed at preventing violent and non-violent crimes, illicit drugs and substance abuse amongst the youth population.
  • To strengthen community building through dialogue and social interaction
  • To promote the talents, skills, and intellectual ability of disadvantaged groups
  • To promote  youth volunteerism and community services
  • To raise awareness about issues affecting youth  and low income families through advocacy
  • To promote collaboration between social services and government agencies


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